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Cuba Street- I honestly walked down this street at least once a day and i still managed to see new things and discover new places. Its especially entertaining on a Saturday where the whole street livens up and the people watching becomes an olympic sport. 

Good As Gold- this store is literally good as gold and the prices resemble it, but oh is it fun to explore. The store is beautifully designed and stocked with the trendiest brands. they have a sale section upstairs so be sure to check that out! They also do a lot of events so be sure to look for those!

Karen Walker- she is local designer that made it big time. I'm absolutely in love with her "runaway girl" logo. Once again, being a designer things can be pricey, however I couldn't leave the store empty handed. So a friend and I got creative and decided to buy the charm "runaway girl" for $60 and put it on our own chain. worked out perfect. Instead of paying $200 for the necklace, we made our own for only $60. 

Wild Pair-  one word SHOES! New Zealand shoes are on point a long with all of their fashion trends. This place has a wonderful selection but wait for sales as it can be a bit expensive. 

Wellington Apothecary-  as a lover of all things natural & 'homeopathic' this store was a dream. They are filled with the yummiest essential oils, teas, lotions and more. AND on Fridays they have free consultations (how cool) 

The Service Depot

Superette- if i could dress myself entirely from one store I think it would be this one. Nearly everything is black. It's another high end store so things are not cheap but i'm one of those people who can thoroughly enjoy window shopping with 0$ in my pocket. weird, I know. 

Huffer-  In attempts to limit my shopping while abroad I made a rule that i could only purchase something if it was a New Zealand brand... 'worked for a while' but my first purchase was a black lightweight Huffer jacket. I literally wore this this every day. It's perfect. 

Area 51-






Kaffee Eis 

Wellington Chocolate Factory - a kid in a candy store. LITERALLY. Growing up 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" was one of my favorite movies so discovering this place was very exciting. You can see massive pots of melted chocolate mixing and employees in the back chopping up blocks of chocolate 

Fix and Fog Peanut Butter window  these guys were straight out of a kinfolk magazine I couldn't stop photographing them. As a connoisseur of nut butters I have to say this is one of the best I've ever encountered. I first stumbled upon this place due to the cute "peanut butter" sign... like who can ignore that? So we walked up and were greeted by a very friendly man who offered us samples of peanut butter on a silver spoon... um yes please?! Needless to say any chance I had to bring a new taste tester I did. 

The Little Waffle Shop- this little hole in the wall 'literally' is home to some seriously cute & delicious waffles. Not to mention, in my experience, the men serving the waffles are pretty dang cute, too. 

Midnight espresso

Flight Coffee

drink & dance


The Library  

-eat a meat pie 

tips & tricks

-Ice coffee !

-snapper card for bus

-no tipping

-usually pay at till



-Pack light 

-Flying can be cheaper 

-Buy a car